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Wessi von Sonnenberg

Black and Red - stock coat - German Standard of Perfection
Born:  18 December 2012
AKC Registered - OFA Certified

OFA Hips:      GOOD  GS-92013G27F-VPI
OFA Elbows:  NORMAL GS-EL31585F27-VPI

Sire:   Drake vom Fleischerhein
Dam: Alexis von Nordstern Hof

Dam of Von Sonnenberg "Z" Litter born 08 August 2015.

Gorgeous medium-sized Female with brilliant intelligence, lovely conformation, rich, deep pigmentation,  Black and Red with Silver and Cream markings,  beautiful feminine qualities and outstanding performance abilities.  

Correct proportions and outstanding expression,  Wessi (pronounced VESSee) possesses perfect character and lovely excellent temperament with beautiful conformation and amazing abilities in agility and speed.   She is feminine yet strong and powerful,  courageous and brave.  Unbeatable self confidence,  will go anywhere, anytime, and always be sure.  Athletic beyond belief,  she is incredible,  can outrun the wind and possesses amazing agility,  a true working dog,  she goes and goes,  she is unstoppable.  Shows excellent relationships with her owners and handlers,  all other dogs as well as our cat,  she is ultra fast in her instant reactions to commands even with the slightest whisper or hand signal.  The ultimate Female,  home, family and property protector,  calm and relaxed, sweet and loving,  always sure.  

when not performing always alert, observant and strong drive in protection demonstrating ultimate confidence and maximum speed,  excellent tracking and retrieving drives.   Wessi is all seeing!  sees everything,  hears everything,  and takes notice.....  

she launches like a torpedo, so incredible how instantly she responds and how fast she is, and so incredibly agile......  and truly is the long-distance performer,  consistent in every way.  

First class world class pedigree with multiple World Siegers and Siegerins in the first 7 generations of her dynamic pedigree.  Especially recommended for working/service qualities and family companions.  We are very much looking forward to her babies out of our Enzo.  We recommend Wessi to improve overall performance abilities and sound sure temperament with outstanding loyalty, agility and working drives.


January 2016

January 2016