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Wendy z Hane

Wendy z Hane

German Shepherd Dog Female
D.O.B. 16 April 2019
Coat Color:  Black
Breeder:  Romana Fuksova Polzerova
Country of Birth:  Czech Republic
CMKU DS/91598/13/15
AKC Registration Pending
Imported from Czech Republic to the United States by Owner:  Karon Melillo DeVega June 2019

Sire:  Bart ze Stribrneho kamene, Kor: 1, 5V1/P, IPO3, BH, CACT, MCR IPO3 2015, MM CKNO 2014, MM CKNO 2015, MM CKNO 2016, MM CKNO 2017

Dam:  Impra z Hane, Kor: 1, 5VQ1/P, BH, IPO3, ZVV2


Father Bart ze Stríbrného kamene

The 4times participant of the GSD's International Championship CKNO according IPO3 and the participant of the Czech Championship of all FCI breeds according IPO3.

Tittles BH, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3

Health hips 0/0 normal, elbows 0/0 normal

Körung (breeding exam) 5V1/P in the first breeding class

From Bart's father’s side Faro Demin dvor, RTG 0/0, 1st breeding class 5V5/55P, IPO3, SchH3, ZVV3, CACIT, CHAMPIONS of SLOVAKIA, participant of the World Championship WUSV and participant of the World Championship of all FCI breedsaccording IPO3 (2010) – 9 place (tracking-93, obedience-92, defence-95) he belongs to 4 th line – Utz v. Haus Schütting and from Bart's mother’s side Queen ze Stríbrného kamene RTG 0/0, 1st breeding class 5V1/P, ZVV1  he belongs to 5 th line from DDR line  – INGO v. Rudingen. The mating between Bart and Impra is very important. All these dogs have high interested for the work. Bart has excellent pedigree - he is half  brother (from his father’s site) of WORLD CHAMPION FCI Chris spod Lazov

Mother Impra z Hané 

Lively and action female, passionate aporter and a very hardworking female, willing to work with the handler, very balanced with excellent social behavior.

Tittles BH, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, ZVV1, ZVV2

Health hips 0/0 normal, elbows 0/0 normal

Körung (breeding exam) 5VQ1/P in the first breeding class

She has excellent working line pedigree. Her father: Torr Opavia Hof - IPO 1, IPO 2, IPO 3, SchH 1, BH, 5VQ1/P, HD/ED 0/0. And her mother: Brandy z Hané - ZVV 1, ZZO, BH, IPO-VO, FPr 1, SPr 1, 5CVQ1/P, HD/ED 0/0.

And other ancestors:

SV Bundes FCI, 2* BSP, 2* LGA - Ellute v.d.Mohnwiese

WUSV, ÚMM CKNO - Cherry Eqidius

WORLD CHAMPION WUSV , 3* ÚM WUSV - Tom van't Leefdaalhof

WUSV, SGRN SWHV DM 99 - Aline v.d.Mohnwiese

LGA - Amigo vom Bracheler See

3* BSP, VDH DM, Bundes FCI - Tyson von der Schiffslache

ÚM CR, 2* ÚP - Eron Mat-Roz

4* WUSV - Qerry von Haus Antverpa

BSP, LGA - Yoschy von der Döllenwiese

BSP, SV Bundes FCI - Gerry von der Schiffslache

3* LGA, 2* LG-FCI, BSP - Olix von Karthago

2* UM SR - Charon z Podskalky

ÚP - Ema Nemo CS

ÚPM - Karo z Ul?ova dvora

2* ÚM MSKS - Romko Favory Cross

4* ÚM CR - Argo z Trávníckova dvora

ÚM WUSV, 3* BSP, 2 * LGA - Nick v. Heiligenbösch


2* ÚM CR - Odeta z Danaru

BSP - Half v. Ruhbachtal

BSP - Aly vom Vordersteinwald

2* ÚM CR ZP - Arys z Trávníckova dvora

2* ÚM CR - Ben z Bolfu CS

CZECH CHAMPION, ÚMS FCI, ÚM WUSV, 2* ÚM CR - Gero Chmelový kvítek

Bart and Impra W z Hane Litter Photo Banner by Romana Polzerova,  Czech Republic

Wendy z Hane age 3 months ~ photo by Katherine Schauls

Wendy z Hane age 3 months ~ photo by Todd Schauls

Wendy z Hane with Owner,  Karon Melillo DeVega 19 June 2019
upon her arrival from Czech Republic to SeaTac International Airport,  Seattle,  Washington USA 

Wendy z Hane age 2 months - photo by Breeder:  Romana Polzerova,  Czech Republic

Wendy z Hane age 2 months - photo by Breeder:  Romana Polzerova,  Czech Republic