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Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dogs

  • Family Companion
  • Performance - Working & Show Bloodlines
  • Executive Personal Protection
  • Agility & Beauty in mind and body
  • K9 Police Service - Military Police Service
  • Tracking
  • Search and Rescue

True to type of original working German Shepherd Dog,  born and raised inside our home.
Well socialized and lovingly handled since birth


Credo Canum Victoria, ZVV1 and Ylecia von Sonnenberg

Von Sonnenberg Kennels is proud to announce our scheduled breeding in 2018:

the Von Sonnenberg "Ee" Litter

Sire:  Credo Canum Victoria, ZVV1
Dam:  Ylecia von Sonnenberg

scheduled to be bred in February 2018
due to be born in April 2018


Credo Canum Victoria,  Pedigree:

Ylecia von Sonnenberg,  Pedigree: 



Credo Canum Victoria, ZVV1 ~  21 December 2017



Credo trying on his new leather harness ~  Christmas 2017
he is wearing the extra-large size,  Credo measures 38" around chest and 27" tall at wither.  he wears a 23" collar

This year in March 2018 we are celebrating Credo's 4th Birthday and 1st year in the United States,
Credo was imported from Czech Republic in March 2017.

He is a proven producer of very big,  powerfully built,
gorgeous puppies with genius beautiful minds,  supremely intelligent and loyal.  Very loving. 
outstanding tracking & working drives.
massive bone structure and gorgeous heads. 
Stunningly thick gorgeous coats in Dark Sable,  Red Sable,  Solid Black,  and Bi-Color (mostly Black with Red markings).

This "Ee" Litter will be the only Von Sonnenberg puppies born this year 2018.
See the Von Sonnenberg "Dd" Litter to view Credo's beautiful pups born September 2017 same mother Ylecia

Reserve your puppy today to ensure
your new beloved addition to your family is a Credo x Ylecia baby  

Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd puppy prices:

$2400USD AKC Full Registration with 3-Year Warranty and breeding rights 
$1500USD AKC Limited Registration with 2-Year Warranty and without breeding rights

15% Police/Military Deduction
I will consider all offers in barter/trade of items of equal value


RESERVED Male - EAUGORECK VON SONNENBERG - AKC Limited - Amanda V.,  Havre, Montana
RESERVED Female - EMMIE VON SONNENBERG - AKC Limited - Harry and Robin G.,  Missoula, Montana 

Accepting Reservations!


We are expecting to see Solid Black,  Dark Sable, and Bi-Color coat colours in these beautiful pups.


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All puppies from the Von Sonnenberg "Ee" Litter will have a first name that starts with the letter "E".
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Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dogs
Missoula, Montana USA

Thank you for your trust in Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dogs

Your purchase of a Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dog puppy includes:

1)     your puppy's original AKC Registration Certificate
2)     your puppy's AKC Certified Pedigree
3)     Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dogs written Sales Contract & Warranty
4)     your  puppy's written Health Record and Immunization Record
5)     AKC Starter Kit
6)     your puppy's own adjustable Collar
7)     a supply of your puppy's Natural Balance feed (canned and dry)
8)     your assurance that you are investing in a well-bred, healthy, sound, gorgeous puppy

9)    Lifetime support!  Von Sonnenberg Kennels is always available to assist you with advice and recommendations for          training,  caring for, feeding,  and socializing your puppy,  


please feel  free to call me at any time with any questions you may have.  Karon Melillo DeVega - 1-406-726-DOGS