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Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dogs

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True to type of original working German Shepherd Dog,  born and raised inside our home.
Well socialized and lovingly handled since birth

Von Sonnenberg Kennels is proud to announce:

Xzar x Chianti von Sonnenberg Litter planned for Summer 2019 


Puppy Prices:


$2400USD with AKC Full Registration, 3-Year Full Warranty with Breeding Rights
$1500USD with AKC Limited Registration,  2-Year Full Warranty without Breeding Rights


$750USD Deposit for Reservation applied toward purchase price.

I offer a 15% Law Enforcement,  Military,  Police and/or Veterans Discount!

Present your Law Enforcement Credentials and receive your 15% Discount off your purchase price
of a Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dog Puppy,  

Thank you for your Service!


We are not accepting any new Reservations at this time.



Xzar von Sonnenberg


Chianti von Sonnenberg

This Xzar x Chianti Von Sonnenberg scheduled breeding is not "just" a planned breeding,
this scheduled breeding has been planned for almost 6 years!

Breeding Von Sonnenberg "Super Dogs" using the Brackets Formula:
"Let the Sire of the Sire become the Grandsire on the Dam's side"

Xzar x Chianti von Sonnenberg Litter Pedigree:


In this planned breeding we find the great Drake vom Fleischerhein
who has 8 World Siegers within the first 6 Generations of his Dynamic Pedigree!

2X VA1 Quando von ArminiusSchH3, IPO3, FH, BHP2
VA1 Ulk von ArlettSchH3
VA1 Eiko vom KirschentalSchH3, FH
2X VA1 Fanto vom HirschelSchH3
VA1 Zamb von der WienerauSchH3
2X VA1 Uran vom Wildsteiger LandSchH3, FH
VA1 Visum von ArminiusSchH3, FH, BHP1
VA1 Jeck vom NoricumSchH3, FH

Drake vom Fleischerhein was one of the most outstanding Stud Dogs I have ever owned and has proven
himself to be prepotent in producing the most excellent progeny,  children & grandchildren I have ever known!
Most notably his famous daughter,  Alexis von Nordstern Hof and her offspring.
Alexis von Nordstern Hof is the queen of mothers,  the most exemplary dam with
a constellation of attributes,  loyal,  loving,  kind,  tranquil,  intelligent,  athletic,  protective,  dignified.

I remember talking with Bill Fleischer,  Owner of Fleischerheim Kennels,  about
our acquisition of Drake vom Fleischerhein,  and how happy Bill was to hear
that Drake was in my "breeding program" and I am preserving these valuable bloodlines,  as the parents of Drake,
VA7 (WDA) Irk von der Werther-Muhle, SchH3 and
V Candy vom Fleischerheim, SchH1 were one of the BEST working dog producers out
of West Germany show/working lines and their litters were the best working dogs he had ever produced.
This made me very happy to hear such excellent experienced Breeder perpective
from one of the most famous German Shepherd Dog Breeders in the United States.

With exceptional character,  perfect temperament,  flawless disposition,  highly trainable working dogs,
loyal and loving,  instant obedience,  level-minded,  nerves of steel,  high tracking drives,
amazing working/ball/toy drives,  herding & agility,  incredible protection and guardians of family,  children, 
poultry,  kittens,  livestock & property with excellent structure and conformation, 
soundness in mind and body,  willingness to learn,  outstanding hips and elbows OFA progeny records, 
beautiful and noble in attitude,  style and richness of pigmentation in gorgeous coats.

My goal is to keep a male puppy and a female puppy from this Von Sonnenberg litter to keep
for breeding purposes to Enzo vom Spitzenhund and his daughter,  Ylecia von Sonnenberg.  Enzo is son of
V Bomber vom Wolfsheim, SchH3, FH1 and SG3 Catty Mapet, SchH1



Drake vom Fleischerhein

Drake vom Fleischerhein's Pedigree:

We also find the incredible Credo Canum Victoria, ZVV1,
father of Chianti von Sonnenberg


Credo Canum Victoria, ZVV1 is Czech Republic import and direct descendant of the famous
Pohranicni straze working lines as well as:

the great SG Grim z Pohranicni strazeZVV3, IPO3, SchH3, ZPS1,
ZM, FH1, V7 WUSV 1997, UM CR 1996 & 1997, UMS 1997

V54 BSZS 2009 Universal Sieger Javir vom Talka MardaSchH3, V1 - BSP 2008,
SG3 - WUSV 2008, IPO3
and Linebreeding to the famous Blatenskeho zamkuZde SkoPurschova chovu kennels bloodlines and
V Fero vom Zeuterner HimmelreichSchH3, V-BSP, FH

Credo Canum Victoria, ZVV1 Pedigree:

Credo Canum Victoria, ZVV1 has already produced within his first 3 Von Sonnenberg Litters
Police K9 Service Working Dog in Training,  AKC Certified Medical Assist Therapy Dog,
and pups who have the most excellent testimonials from their new owners who write to me
saying their fur-babies have the most brilliant,  kind and loving hearts and minds,  loyal and obedient,
highly trainable,  outstanding tracking and retrieving drives,
protectors and guardians of their owners as well as their children,  home and property,  protectors
of poultry and livestock,  kittens and baby birds, ...  it really is heartwarming and rewarding to receive
such excellent feedback on Credo's progeny,  and I want to take this opportunity to
thank every one of my customers for staying in touch with me and sharing their
personal photos and stories about their Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd puppies.

Thank you so much!

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Owner/Breeder:  Karon Melillo DeVega
Von Sonnenberg German Shepherd Dogs
Missoula, Montana USA