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Enzo vom Spitzenhund

German Shepherd Dog Male
Colour:  Solid BLACK
Coat:  Stock Coat - German Standard of Perfection

West Germany and Czech Republic working, competition, show, bloodlines

Born:  25 April 2013
AKC Registered
OFA Certified
GS-92271G24M-VPI   Hips GOOD
GS-EL31788M24-VPI  Elbows NORMAL

Sire of Von Sonnenberg "Y"   Litter
Sire of Von Sonnenberg "Z"   Litter
Sire of Von Sonnenberg "Aa" Litter
Sire of Von Sonnenberg "Bb" Litter

Large true jet Black handsome and masculine Male with powerful build and beautiful conformation.  
Rich, deep optimum pigmentation.  Ideal in every way.  Has the legendary look of the old German
Czech working lines.  Especially strong structure and awesome substance.  Enzo is rock solid.  very powerful.
Outstanding chest proportions with very good overall angulation and incredibly powerful movement. Beautiful high withers and top-line with excellent croup and smooth lines.  Enzo has a very deep voice and bark which always indicates excellent lung capacity.  

Powerful bone strength with a masculine head and beautiful expression.  Gorgeous ears and flawless disposition.   Enzo possesses rock-solid nerves and steady nature,  pronounced confidence and
obedience,  eager to learn, happy disposition and willing to obey.  Fantastic speed and agility,  
with great speed and determination.   Enzo launches like a rocket,  hits like a freight train and is
completely fearless.   Remarkable ability to remain calm under stress combined with energetic
high-power protection and outstanding tracking drives.

Flawless in character,  Enzo is quite the gentleman,  always obedient and alert.  Excellent house manners,  completely trustworthy,  formidable guardian and protector.  Enzo is also an excellent father,  so kind and loving toward his puppies,  he genuinely loves his children,  sons and daughters,  he is a proud father and a magnificent German Shepherd Dog.

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Enzo vom Spitzenhund ~ 29 September 2017

Owner:  Karon Melillo DeVega - Von Sonnenberg Kennels

Enzo vom Spitzenhund's Pedigree:

Enzo vom Spitzenhund - Linebreeding - 7 Generations:

Enzo vom Spitzenhund - OFA Certified Hips GOOD & Elbows NORMAL


ENZO is the Son of  V Bomber vom Wolfsheim,  SchH3, FH1, Kkl 1

Bomber is the famous TOP World Working Titled Dog at this time.   Bomber is born and bred in West Germany and achieved his working Titles there.  Bomber is world famous for producing top quality
working dogs.  It is a great honor to own one of his best sons.  Bomber was recently imported into the
United States and is handled by WDA-GSDCA "Working Dog Association" National Training
Director Russ Osburn, who is also current Executive Board Member of the WDA.

"ENZO's sire: Bomber vom Wolfsheim was sired by Europe's #1 rated working male:  
10X SchH3 (2X LGA) Vito vom Waldwinkle;  AND his father before that:
 #1 rated 1999 Champion WUSV Sieger SchH3, IPO 3 Tom van't Leefdaalhof;  AND his father before that:  #1 rated 4X SchH3, IPO 3, WUSV Querry vom Haus Antverpa!  Bomber vom Wolfsheim's pedigree is a celebration "of one of the greatest working achievements ever recorded in German Shepherd Dog breed history.  From the beginning,  Bomber stood out.  First, he is black.  He is also large, intelligent and strong."

"What happens next would make Bomber a legend of the breed and one of the most sought after
working stud dogs of modern day Europe (now over 200 breedings world wide and counting).  
Bomber has sired over 100 Titled progeny,  many of which have qualified to compete in the world's
most regarded event:  The West German Bundasieger Show.  Just as Bomber's influence on the breed
is significant today,  his influence will continue it's mark for decades to come;  Intelligence,
Trainability, Loyalty, Confidence, Courage, Health,  and everything one would want in one of the
most respected show and working dogs of all time."


Enzo is a direct descendant of West Germany and Czech Republic Pedigree
(including the famous Pohranicni Straze bloodlines) and has many World Famous
Top Working Titled Dogs in his dynamic pedigree including:

V Vito vom Waldwinkel, SchH3 (10X) (LGA 2X), Kkl 1
SG 1999 WUSV Sieger Tom van't Leefdaalhof,  SchH3, IPO3, Kkl 2 
V Andy von der Lemper Heide,  SchH3 (BSP 3X), IP3, FH1, Kkl 1
SG Jeron Stan Hrad, ZVV1, ZPS1, IPO3, SchH3, FH1, 2009-2010 Tracking Champion, Kkl 2
Arek di Angelo Maggio, 3UMS, WUSV 3X Sieger, SchH3, IPO3, Kkl 2
V Gary vom Korbelbach, SchH3 (V-BSP), FH, IP3, Kkl 1
Velmi Dobry Ilko aus der Konigshohle, SchH3, IPO2, ZM, ZVV1
4X WUSV Sieger Qerry von Haus Antverpa, SchH3, IPO3, Kkl 2
Velmi Dobry 5KV1/P Grim z Pohranicni straze, ZM, ZV3, IPO3, SchH3, ZPS1, FH1, ZV2, WUSV Sieger 1997Kkl 2
V Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich, SchH3 (V-BSP), FH, Kkl 1


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Sire of Enzo vom Spitzenhund:
V Bomber vom Wolfsheim, SCHH3, FH, Kkl 1

Bomber vom Wolfsheim Breed Survey:

"Lackschwarzer,sehr aufmerksamer, leicht gestreckter, übermittelgroßer, kraft und gehaltvoller Rüde mit sehr gutem Gepräge. Hoher Widerrist, gute Linie, gute Kruppe, gute Winkelungen der Vor- und Hinterhand, ausgeglichene Brustverhältnisse, gerade Front. Geradetretend zeigt er flüssige, geräumige Gänge aus festem Rücken. Sicheres Wesen, TSB ausgeptägt, lässt ab. V: Sehr kraftvoller, geprägestarker Rüde. VI:Geeignet zur Verbesserung und Festigung der TSB-Anlagen."

English Translation:  "Black paint, very attentive, slightly stretched, on medium-sized, powerful and substantial male with a very good character. High withers, good, good croup, good angulation of the fore and hind, balanced chest proportions, straight front. Just Kicking it shows liquid, spacious corridors of solid back. Safe nature, TSB ausgeptägt from leaves. V: Very powerful, geprägestarker male. VI: Suitable for improving and strengthening the TSB systems"

Note:  "VI: TSB systems" means Pronounced Strong Temperament,  Self-assuredness,  Ability to work under stress and pressure.  During the Protection phase,  the dog is evaluated by Judges not only on the technical accuracy of the exercises,  but also for its courage and hardness."

Bomber vom Wolfsheim Linebreeding:

Bomber vom Wolfsheim Pedigree:


Dam of Enzo vom Spitzenhund:  

SG3 Catty Mapet, SCHH1

Catty Mapet Linebreeding:

Catty Mapet Pedigree:



Photos of Enzo vom Spitzenhund: